2017 Training

Clay and Bodywork

4-5 March, 13-14 May - Dublin

This 4 day training will look at merging clay with body-based psychotherapy in order to bring about change and healing. The body- based model we will use is based on the work of Dr. Rudolf Steiner. The merging of clay and body allows the therapy direction to become vitally alive and reflective of the many and profound dimensions of the life experience that cannot be captured in language alone. PTI Accredited for 28 CPD points.

Remembering the Way’

1–3 April Kerry

This three day residential, integrative experience will explore the paths of the Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Visionary Archetypes. This training will help you assess your own level of balance and allow the opportunity to consider how these powerful archetypal energies manifest in your life. Utilising a series of partly guided group sandplays, art, music, clay and creative visualisations we will work on our evolving understanding of these archetyes and come to a deeper understanding of self and our clients’ inner life’s journey. PTI Accredited for 21 CPD points. Places Limited.

Master Class in Group Sandplay

30 Sept-1Oct - Cork

To Infinity and…’ a two day training probing the use of Archetypes in children’s movies and the intricacies of the group sandplay process . “If we can move beyond the narrow typecasting of the superhero then we free these superheroes to reveal their secret identities as mirrors into ourselves and vehicles of insight into all facets of the human condition.” Rubin PTI Accredited for 14 CPD points.

The Demon of Resistance”

6-8 Oct Kerry

This 3 day residential training is based on the work of Paul Rebollit, Roberto Assagioli and Piero Ferrucci .This amalgam of theatre, ritual, music, song, mask making and meditation guides us safely on our own ‘hero’s journey’ into the depths of ourselves. The value of using this ritual drama form is that it allows us to enter into and come out of an extraordinary space with full consciousness; thereby allowing us greater insight into the nature of our clients’ process and the role of creative mediums in bringing about change. It is designed for professionals in the therapeutic field and those seeking greater clarity in their lives. PTI Accredited for 21 CPD points. Places Limited.


AIST 12 day Certificate in Integrative Sandplay 1st Module 27-29 January 2017, Banna


Training can be ‘tailor made’ to your organisations needs and we invite you to call or email us with your training enquiries. Contact us HERE